About Us

As a family owned and operated business, with nearly 40 years of providing service that exceeds expectations, our portfolio of award-winning fixed frame and glass manufacturing continues setting new industry standards, as we diversify to serve all aspects for the commercial, institutional and industrial sectors to list a few. Our company specializes in designing, manufacturing, and installing curtain walls, storefronts, frameless interior glass partition and Herculite door, along with fire rated glass and doors, glass railings as well as specialty glass solutions that are custom built around our clients’ unique needs.  Whether you are seeking leaded glass options for a hospital’s x-ray room windows’, or impact resistant glass systems for low to mid-rise buildings, at Pena-Alum we have the experience, capabilities, equipment, and the team to be your single source supplier for superior glass solutions.


We strive to deliver comprehensive options coupled with added value services, which begin before fabrication, and endure long after our projects are completed and delivered. We know that our success is powered by mutual collaboration, therefore establishing and nurturing long lasting and trusted relationships between our clients, and us, as well as between our company and our suppliers, are a top priority.


We are equipped with our in-house manufacturing facility conveniently located in Miami, Florida, with cutting edge technology, a systematic approach, an experienced team of craftsmen and professional project managers, all involved in each step of our process, to ensure that from the very beginning, we understand our customers’ needs, and that we guide them through our simple process to bring their concepts into tangible realities that will exceed the most discerning tastes.

Craftsmanship, perfect execution, and total customer satisfaction are our cornerstone!

Whether we are creating a better visual effect for your building, or for privacy purposes, for better flow and organization within the workplace, or for safety reasons, our company specializes in utilizing the best glass selection including impact resistant, opaque, graphic, and transparent, all to deliver a combination of art, performance and function that meet your project goals.  If you are a general contractor, a building or property owner, an architect, or interior designer, you can count with Pena-Alum to deliver the best solutions for your needs. No matter how big or small a project may be, our company’s unwavering commitment to never compromise quality or safety will always prevail.


Contact us and let us show you how we deliver world-class products and services.

Address: 2250 NW 95th Ave Doral, FL 33172   •   Phone: 305-640-1178

Dade: CC. 18739   •   Broward: CC. 97-8492-G-X   •   State: SCC131151117

Pena-Alum has been the preferred supplier of glass systems and aluminum frames for a multitude of business owners, general contractors, architects, interior designers and other clients who have placed their trust in us for nearly 40 years. We strive to be a one-stop solution provider, and to assist our clients with their needs in a prompt, dependable, professional and quick manner all without compromising the quality of our work. We are proud to mention that we only use superior quality materials to create our fixed frames and glass systems in order to achieve the finest end products that will deliver unrivaled safety, aesthetics, durability, as well as design flexibility.


Whether our clients are seeking to remodel an existing building, new development work, or retrofit projects, our company is equipped, experienced, and available to provide comprehensive and dependable solutions.  We offer endless capabilities in designs, color options, finishes, glass sizes, shapes and types, all to please the most discriminating tastes.